First Annual Fundraising Campaign

We Need Your Help!

In Caring for the Most Amazing People on Chincoteague Island

A Village Neighbors Volunteer sitting on a dock with a Member.

Did You Know…

  • 39% of Chincoteague’s population is age 60 and older?
  • Some residents within this 60-plus population are living with the barest resources and support, and are isolated?
  • Accomack County does not offer any senior programming on Chincoteague Island?

Island Community House is Helping!

Island Community House offers many programs for seniors and recently launched Village Neighbors to help seniors age well in place – in their own homes.

Village Neighbors – Mission

The Village Neighbors program helps seniors of Chincoteague live safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible while having meaningful connections with others. We accomplish this by organizing a pool of vetted volunteers who provide practical help and socialization. 

The Village Neighbors Logo with slogan that says, "Neighbors Helping Neighbors."


A Village Neighbors Volunteer assisting a Member with shopping in the local grocery store.
A Village Neighbors Volunteer standing with a member couple.

Fundraising Appeal Letter

November 2022

Dear Friend of the Island Community House,

Life is pretty wonderful for those of us lucky enough to live on Chincoteague, with its friendly, small-town atmosphere, natural beauty, and slower pace.  It’s easy to miss the fact that 39% of our population is age 60 or older, and some are living with the barest resources and support. Will you join us in reaching out?

The Island Community House has many programs for seniors who enjoy coming for programs, lunches, lectures, exercise classes, games, and special events. (Accomack County does not offer any senior programming here.)  But we are also aware that some seniors are isolated, not able to drive anymore, and in need of a helping hand.  We want to offer that.

We have recently launched Village Neighbors to help seniors stay in their own homes.  We organize and train volunteers of all ages to offer friendly home visits, rides, errands, technology help, and light chores.  Volunteers are not home health care aides or nurses, just caring people who want to offer practical help. We are proud to be one of the more than 300 villages across America that are participating in this national, grassroots movement to care for seniors, and the first on the Eastern Shore.

We are committed to offering Village Neighbors membership to seniors regardless of their ability to pay the $20 per month fee.  Fees from seniors who can afford membership help, but cover only a small part of the costs.  We need the support of the wider Chincoteague community. We need you.

Please help us to sustain programs for active seniors, and to reach out to those who are more isolated and in need of our compassion.  Your tax-deductible donation to the Island Community House will go directly to make life better for our cherished elders.

Thank you so much.
Lisa Cannon
President, Board of Directors

 Village Neighbors

Services Include

Friendly Home Visit
Social Outings & Events
Convenience Services
Computer & Technology Assistance
Help with Light Household Tasks
Assistance with Errands

More Information

  • Village Neighbors is a part of a national grassroots movement.
  • Village Neighbors serve seniors of all social-economic backgrounds through membership fees or sponsorships.
  • Membership fees cover administrative costs and support sponsorships for those who cannot afford to pay for a membership.
  • Our fee is $20 per month or $240 annually.
  • Fees alone will not cover all the expenses of running a Village.
  • Your tax-deductible donation will make life better for our cherished Chincoteague Island elders.

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Village Neighbors Website

The Village Neighbors Logo with slogan that says, "Neighbors Helping Neighbors."

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